CNMMP Windshield Snow Cover,Car Snow Cover

CNMMP Windshield Snow Cover,Car Snow Cover

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·Universal size: super large size, 75 * 48 inches, suitable for most cars, SUVs, pick-up trucks, perfect fit, no need to worry about your car in winter by ice and snow, refuse to use scraper and other laborious tools, let us provide the best protection for your vehicle!
·High quality materials: adopt aluminized film + cotton and non-woven material, gently fit the windshield and engine cover of the car without damaging your car, with the characteristics of waterproof, low temperature resistance, wear resistance, etc., effectively protect the windshield from the effects of ice, snow, frost.
·Better safety and protection design: refuse to use strong magnet to damage paint and engine, the new design adopts two high elastic belts and hooks to fix on wheels, and the other two adopt buckle design to install in the car, so as to achieve complete anti-theft.
·Convenient and effective: the installation of snow cover is convenient and quick, and can be completed by one person alone. There is no need to waste time doing snow removal.
·Quality assurance - 100% satisfaction assurance: all our products are strictly manufactured and tested. High quality products are our pursuit, and customer satisfaction is our consistent service tenet. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us and we will provide support for you. Refuse to use those inferior products, please set your mind on the products of CNMMP, which will definitely satisfy you!

1. Aluminized film + Cotton + non-woven fabric, three-layer protection, no damage paint and engine, so that your car is free from rain, snow, ice and frost.
2. The elastic buckle makes the snow shield more solid, safe and anti-theft.
3. Wind proof elastic belt is hooked on your wheel to prevent strong wind from blowing and falling.
4. Easy to install, fold and store.
5. Suitable for general motors.


Usage method:
1. Take the snow shield from the storage bag and lay it on the windshield.
2. Open the two front doors, clip the protruding parts on both sides into the door, and fasten the buckle.
3. Cover the mirror cover on the left and right mirrors.
4. Then close the front door.
5. Fix it by connecting the elastic belt to the wheel.

Applicable: General
Weight: 1.5 lbs
Fold size: 14 *10 (inch)
Material: aluminized film + Cotton + non-woven fabric
Package: 1 x windshield cover, 1 x storage bag